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Individual Counselling

The pressures of work, success, school, dating, family, and friends are just some of the common stressors that can affect our mental health. Sometimes it can show up in the form of anxiety, and we see our world through a lens of overwhelming fear that affects most, if not all, aspects of our lives. Other times, a wave of depression can make it feel like it’s impossible to find pleasure in your daily life, with low energy, feelings of worthlessness, and pessimism. You are not alone, as depression affects millions of Canadians. Then there are those who can have anger creep up when they least expect it and shoot from 0 to 100 before they even realize what triggered their rage in the first place. Anger has an important duty in our lives. It can be a defense mechanism that serves to protect us and tell us our needs aren’t being met. However, sometimes our anger can get out of control and hurt our relationships. 


Do you notice yourself worrying often, being extra irritable or sad, having trouble sleeping, or feeling very uncomfortable while interacting socially? Do you experience high stress in everyday situations or feel like you're constantly being judged by others? Have you lost jobs or friends, do or say things you regret, or have difficulty understanding where your angry outbursts are coming from? If you can get to the point of acknowledging your anxiety, depression, anger, or other troublesome symptoms it’s a great first step! Now it’s time to do something about it. This is a process that you shouldn't have to do alone. It can be difficult to work out these issues without the assistance of someone who can lead you through the process. By learning to identify triggers, understand emotions, and exchange self-defeating thoughts with a new positive way of thinking, you can get back on track, own your life, and find joy in your daily activities and relationships once again.

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